Thursday, July 13, 2006

Pics from Bad Guy

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bad Guy

This is a Korean art house soft porn kind of a movie by Kim ki duk. Basically a B-Grade movie but artistic and different, beautfully shot and very well directed.
The story revolves around a pimp and local gangster Han-gi and a student girl Sun-hwa. He sees her waiting for her boyfriend in the beginning and instantly fell in love with her, but his way of showing his love turns out to be little different when he kisses her on the pubic place with force and then gets beaten by the cops and she spit on his face. He reamins silent and cold and takes his revenge by turning her into a prostitute. After turning her into a prostitute he sees her secretly from a two sided mirror while she entertain her gueasts.

Its a very different movie I had ever seen, especially the characters shown in it, Han-gi's character converts a sweet looking girl into a prostitute and keeps on looking at her from the mirror. Looks quite amoral, and as the story progresses, director try to show his other side, he does sacrifices for his friends (his partners in the flash trade) but still this feeling that whatever is happening on the screen is quite "strange", keeps on coming in mind.
Especially the end when the girl comes back in the same trade that in the beginning she hated.

Still the film has its moment, looks beautiful and can takes the viewer into it.

If likes to watch something different than it can be a thoughtprovoking movie for u.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

first confession

right now sitting in this place makes me feel like hell.
the people we meet throughtout our life makes one feel sick
what about the life that one reads in the books
the ideal people we read in the books
life is so much confused that everything looks round.
this is a loop that never gonna end.